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a quick question

Hey everyone. Haha, I have kind of a strange question (I think), but here goes.

I'm half-Japanese, half-Caucasian... so when I received an e-mail from this HMC junior, introducing himself as my CLSA (Chicano/Latino Student Affairs) sponsor, I thought, "how nice of CLSA to assign sponsors to the entire freshman class and help them out... that's really cool." However, today I got a letter from CLSA; in it, they said, "You represent one of the few Latinos who go on to private higher education." My response: "uh... actually, I don't represent any Latinos, period." My mother also got a letter from CLSA today written in both English and Spanish, which surprised her ever so slightly. So I'm starting to think that they're under the impression that I'm Latino.

My question: Did everyone else get an e-mail from a CLSA sponsor? Or do they only assign sponsors to Latino students? I've already sent an e-mail to my CLSA sponsor to let him know I'm not Latino, but I was hoping to get a faster answer from you guys.

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