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Hey everyone. My name's Kenny Quinn, I'll be going to Mudd next year. I've been spying on all your conversations for a while now, but have yet to write anything, so I figured it was finally time to say hello. I'm from San Jose, California. Thinking about being a physics major.
Yeah, I don't really have any questions right now, but since this would be a pretty pathetic post without something said, here's a joke that I think you'll all be able to appreciate:
A bunch of math functions are at a party (we'll say it's a July 4th party, just because the timing works out). Everyone's laughing, having a great time - all except for e^x (e to the x) who is just sitting in the corner, sulking. After a while, x-squared comes over to e^x and says, "hey, what's wrong? Man, you have to go out and have fun, talk with people, laugh - you have to integrate into the party" To which e^x responds "why should I? It won't make any difference"
Heheh, nothing like a good calculus joke to make you feel incredibly nerdy, but that's what makes it so great - I kind of figured that if anyone would be able to enjoy it, it would be Mudders.
Anyways, I look forward to joining in the conversations, and eventually seeing you all in August. Bye!
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