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So Jen said that we should start something other than Mudd. So here it goes....

I was watching Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. (Don't know how to spell it) And there was this lady who raised zebra and a donkey, and they mated, and a zonkey came out!!!! It has the shape of a donkey but has stripes. It just seems soo weird to me. The lady, in I think Montero, CA said she came home, and saw them in the act. And then the zebra was pregnant!!! That's just extremely weird to me.

Aren't zebras and donkeys different species of animals? or classes? I don't know what they are. Wouldn't it be like a cat mating with a tiger? Or a rat mating with a possum, or one of those with a kangaroo?
I think it's pretty weird stuff.

no one's probably gonna comment on this. oh well.
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