muddalicious (muddalicious) wrote in mudders08,

I alreday posted this on the proboard but...

Hey guys, I posted this on the proboard, but I like our lj community better, so I'll elaborate more.

I started talking to Adam from the muddforum if you guys haven't seen it yet. You should all check it out.
You have to register in there with your hmc email, for privacy purposes. Anways, Adam's in 2 choirs. One of them is called Shower Quality. They're a pretty new choir in the 5C's and he got me really interested in trying out for them. What's sad about SQ is that they've only got 3 guys in the choir. 3!! So sad. Though they would love girls to try out for choir, they love guys to try out even more. So who wants to try out? It's really cool. Adam's a really awesome person as I'm sure the other members of SQ are too. I don't think they will be a lot of drama like the high school stuff some of us have experienced. So try out!! It'll be fun! Who's interested?
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