Shelley (sukiyo04) wrote in mudders08,

just checking...

Seeing how distressed muddalicious is by the fact that no one's writing... I'll go ahead and finally post something, even if only to elicit a couple "hi"s and "welcome"s... not a super exciting conversation starter, but it'll have to do. Hey, everyone! I'm Shelley DeFord, and I've been silently reading this community journal for a while... in the least stalkerish way possible, I promise. I live in Pleasanton, California, which is in the San Francisco bay area. And I've been thinking I'll major in mathematics... or maybe that math/bio major. We'll see. Sure, let's do a math joke, that's nice and safe and I'm *finally* in an environment where people will appreciate a good math joke instead of rolling their eyes at me. Yay! [My brother, who majored in math at Pomona, told me this one.] Q: What do you get when you cross a mountain climber with a mosquito? A: Nothing - you can't cross a scalar with a vector! Teehee. Yay for us nerds! Anyway, guess I'll wrap up here. Looking forward to talking to / meeting you all soon! :-)
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